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    Providing common dependencies in release rather than components

    Gary Brown Master

      This discussion may be relevant to the thread on consolidating release items in one place ,


      Currently components include module definitions for dependencies that are not available as part of AS7. However a number of components may have the same dependency, so would it not be better to store these required dependencies in one location, independent of any particular component?


      As these module dependencies are specific to AS7, I was also wondering whether it would make sense to build these dependent modules as part of the AS7 release?


      For example, the bpel component requires spring, which is currently defined under the camel component. However the bpel component also requires spring-asm, which is not currently included in the camel dependency.


      If the dependencies were also stored in a single place, it would make it easier to maintain on behalf of all of the components,




      As a side issue - when creating the bpel component I tried using the spring module created by the camel component, but got:


      Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.xml.sax.EntityResolver from
                      [Module "org.springframework:main" ......


      so for now I include spring as a resource-root. Any suggestions on how to fix this appreciated?