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    DataTable - RowSelection/Column Sorting - Reload

    Dominik Mueller Newbie

      Hi There,


      i use an extended Datatable with all kind of functions you implemented such as: paging, sorting, order-able columns, selection etc. . I used your demo Example of JPA Paging to build it ontop of a database.


      In general all worke fine, but one think is really annoying.

      On row-selection and reOrder the column-headers the extended Datatable reinitialized all data in the table and processes a full "walk" which effects a database selection, which in my option is unnessesary, and especially for a multi selection table not useable.


      Is there any chance to avoid the re-walk throught the data on special events? To detect in the "walk" method what triggers the event?


      You can rebuild the "problem" with every exetended datatable, the method "walk" (which whould reload data from database in demo)  is trigger on row selection and on moving table headers.


      Any ideas?


      Thanks a lot.