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    Parallel gateways really parallel?

    Tobias Wittur Newbie



      I was trying to throw and catch a message while also running a count down timer, that terminates the process in case a message is not received within a certain time.


      I therefore used a parallel gateway. I ran into some issues and wonder now, are the different branches running in parallel or randomly sequential?


      In this process, my service task on the top throws a message, which the intermediate message catch event receives and successfully executes.The service task asks the user per command line, if a message should be thrown.



      I then tried to introduce the timer as a thrid branch. However, the timer is never started. It never "runs into check if message received within time frame".


      I then remodelled the process. Here, suddenly the intermediate catch event is never executed.


      Are those parallel gateways executed sequentially or do they run in separate threads and are executed in parallel?


      I know usually I would use an intermediate catch. However, I have to present my process to my boss next week and I have to show, how easily I can introduce change in a modeler to a process and execute it. So subprocesses and event based splits are not an option for this model.


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