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    ContentBasedRouter Qs

    joe_boy12 Novice

      Can we use CBR on message properties rather than message body itself? or can I use a different body location for CBR instead of defaultLocation? I am sure there is something to do with object-paths. but couldnt figure out exactly how. I have a XML message in defauld body location but have another object in different location which holds the more routing info how can I use that in CBR?



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          Sven-Jørgen Karlsen Newbie

          I don't think CBR addresses anything beyond individual payload locations of the message body.

          I have no experience with object paths, but in your case you should be able to configure an alternate

          payload location with the "standard"  action property get-payload-location, e.g.,


              <action name="route-message" class="org.jboss.soa.esb.actions.ContentBasedRouter">


               <property name="get-payload-location" value="my-payload-location"/>




          This property and the corresponding property set-payload-location is a convention in most of the ESB library

          actions, and works here also.