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    Dedicated Data Nodes

    Jonas Lasson Newbie



      Is there any way of making certain Infinispan clients not store data. (Without using hotrod).


      I've got a situation where I want to run a cluster of servers with Infinispan, and then run distributed jobs over those nodes.


      I've got more volatile servers that can go up and down, as well as separate java clients that both accesses data and executes jobs in the data grid.


      As it is now, the volatile servers and the VM's executing jobs becomes a part of the data grid and starts to get data stored on them.


      In this situation, there will be a lot of expensive re-hashing of data.


      Any solution?



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          Dan Berindei Expert

          Hi Jonas,


          In theory you should be able to write your own version of TopologyAwareConsistentHash that instead of spreading keys on all the sites will force keys to stay on only one (configurable) site. Then you could set siteId="holdingData" in the configuration of your dedicated data nodes and siteId="clientOnly" in the configuration of your client-only nodes and it should work.


          Rehashes will still be triggered, but the owners should remain the same so they would be less expensive.


          Please open an issue in JIRA, it would be good if people voted on it so we can get a sense of big the demand is and maybe support something like this out of the box in a future version.