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    Lighter datatable, any tricks?

    Remi Guillemette Newbie

      Hello everyone!

      Our portal is used to show large set of statistics.
      To show these stats, we use richfaces datatables.

      My problem is the size of the table. You must know that I have no choice to show very large datatable (example : 10000 lines). If we look the source code of the table, we can see that you set for each tr / th / td one or more CSS class.

      These CSS class has very long name.
      As example, I have this for a td : dr-table-cell rich-table-cell

      This is 29 caracters long. If we multiple it by my number of cells:
      Table => 10000 lines x 10 cells = 100 000.
      100 000 x 29 = 2 900 000 caracters!

      So, my question : is there a way to make CSS class name lighter?


      PS : I know I can use datascroller but this is not always possible for me. I must show all data sometime in a large picture.