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    Jboss Messaging is dropping the consumer after sometime

    Raghavan TV Newbie

      We recently moved our JbossMQ endpoints to JBOSS-ESB messaging infrastructure. The messaging infrastructure works fine for some time but then observe that the consumer stops receiving message after sometime. The messaging layer is configured to persist data to OracleDB.


      When we check the JMX endpoint on the ESB side, we observe that the consumercount = 0 . So until, we restart the consumer appl (which is a MDB based spring appl or MDB based seam appl), the consumer is unable to re-establish the connectivity with the messaging infrastructure.


      Note: Our initial hunch if this was because of some firewall, but we moved the consumer application (running on jboss-4.2.3) to the same node that is hosting the jbossesb+messaging instance and continue to see the same issue.


      Any pointers or env settings is appreciated.