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    No Maven Console output with JBoss Tools 3.2 and Helios WTP?




      I've been using m2e with Eclipse for years already, and have always relied on the Maven Console output to tell me what Maven was doing (downloading resources, warning me of missing resources, etc). 


      I have recently upgraded to JBoss Tools 3.2 from the update site, which meant uninstalling the original m2e sonatype plugin and install the m2e plugin from the JBoss Tools suite.


      I currently have  Helios 3.6.1 WTP installed with

      JBoss by Red Hat: Maven Integration for Eclipse WTP : : org.maven.ide.eclipse.wtp.


      However, now, whenever Maven is running doing anything, the console is blank.  I have tried to enable debug output, but there is still nothing being displayed in the console.

      Is this a bug, or is there something improperly configured in my system?