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    JNDI Error

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      JNDI Error

      when I deploy to QA. JBoss7 can't find java:app/testingappEjb/testingappBean in the com.equilar.testingapp.ejb.testingappEJBUtil. However it does work on my local machine. Very strange. any one have  solution for this problem

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          more information

          I have created an ejb "TestingAppBean", in my local jboss7 server jndi lookup of "java:app/TestingAppEJB/TestingAppBean" was working fine. But in QA(linux based) jboss7 server the lookup was failed. In QA jndi lookup  "java:app/TestingAppEJB/TestingAppEJB"  was working fine. Any suggestion why the first lookup didnt work.

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            This is how the interface and bean class looks like


            Interface: TestingAppEJB

            public interface TestingAppEJB {
            // all methods declaration

            Bean Class: TestingAppBean

            public class TestingAppBean implements TestingAppEJB {
            private static final long serialVersionUID = 2020602790375785829L;

            // all  methods implementation



            "java:app/TestingAppEJB/TestingAppEJB"  was working fine in both QA(linux) and local(windows) environment

            ,but  "java:app/TestingAppEJB/TestingAppBean" was working only in local.


            The application is packed in ear file