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    help me to define the HA with static connectors.

    subbu22 Newbie

      Hi ,


        I am looking for statically defined HA cluster environment with the Hornetq Standalone server.


      My requirement is:


      1. We were not allowed to use any shared file system. Since there is NO defined SAN

      2. UDP is not available  in the environment which means among the nodes in the cluster should have only static connectors.

      3. The client failover should happen in case of connection lost to the live server. At this moment we are not bothered about the already sent messages whether they were processed or not? but the client should able to send the further messages to the failover server automatically.


      I tried with several examples, but unable to define the proper live-backup group with static connectors. Only live server is running but when back up server is not able to run.


      Could you please post your configuration. so that it would be a great help for me.


      Thanks in advance.