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    Do all filters / servlets for an individual request execute on same thread?

    brianhjboss Newbie

      Hi folks. I apologize if my question is posted to the wrong JBoss "community space". Please let me know if I should post it elsewhere.


      I am not a j2ee servlet expert, so I've been doing some searching on the web. I haven't found an answer to the following question:


      When a request comes in and JBoss dispatches it to the filter / servlet chain for processing, am I guaranteed that all of the filters / servlets invoked for that individual request occur on the same thread? For example, I want to create a "request ID" for each incoming request and store it in thread local storage so I can include it in all subsequent logging for that request. Will I be guaranteed (in JBoss at least) that the log statements from all of the filters / servlets that were invoked for that request will have the same request ID?"


      (I am using JBoss 6.0.0)