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    Empty page file (2.2.5)

    John Muhlestein Newbie

      We have a system that uses JMX to monitor and do certain levels of administration to HornetQ, one of the items we look at on our queues is the page file count. I've noticed with 2.2.5 that once an address goes into paging, even when all the messages are consumed, there will continue to be a paging file for that address, so the count never goes to 0.


      I saw an earlier post that seemed to indicate that keeping an empty page file for the address is intentional, but returning a page file count > 0 implies that an address is currently paging messages even when it isn't.


      Is there a way to determine, through JMX, that there are actual messages in the page file, and that it is not just an empty placeholder?

      More importantly, should you report an active page file even when not actively paging?