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    question on infinispan tree invalidation ?

    Amal Raj Vinoth James Newbie



      I've been experimenting on infinispan tree for a while,


      replication is performed as expected in infinspan tree,

      but the invalidation is not working as expected (atleast in my use-cacse).


      My use cache:


      Creating treeCache and adding child elements(fixed nodes) before performing any operation (like addChild, put and get..).


         // creating trrecache

      Cache mapCache= cacheManager.getCache(cacheName);

      TreeCache treeCache = new TreeCacheFactory().createTreeCache(mapCache);


      // adding childs

      nodePath = Fqn.fromElements("a", "b");            - /a/b

      Node<K, V> rootNode = ispnTreeCache.getRoot();    - /

      node = rootNode.addChild(nodePath);               - /a/b


      After this I want to perform all the operation on node "b".


      using above code in 2 node cluster, invalidation not performed as expected :


           - started node1 : created cache and added child "/a/b"

           - starting node2: creating the cache and sending invalidation to node1. Finally        rootNode '/' alone left in Node2 all childNodes('/a/b') got invalidated.


      My Question is :

      - Any modification leaf node level, it is sending invalidation for parent of that leafNode.(for ex: modification on leaf node "/b" invalidating its parent node "/a")

      finally only "/" is left. but in case of jboscache it working fine.

           is it correct behavior? or am i doing anything wrong here?



      amal raj.