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    Drag n drop on richfaces 4

    Frederic Papy Newbie

      Hi, I read discussion about this topic but i always have problems. Here is my code

      <rich:panel >

          <h:dataTable id="src" columns="1" value="#{mysession.list2art}" var="fm" >


                  <a4j:outputPanel layout="block" styleClass="rf-ind-drag">

                      <rich:dragSource type="articlelangue"   dragValue="#{fm.article.titre}" />

                      <h:outputText value="#{fm.article.titre}"/>





      <rich:panel >

          <a4j:outputPanel >

              <rich:dropTarget acceptedTypes="articlelangue"  dropListener="#{mysession.processDrop}" render="pan4"/>

              <h:outputText value="Deposez"/>



      The drag is ok because I see the object dragged, but when I make the drop nothing happens. This is my processDrop method

      public void processDrop(DropEvent e){
                Articlelangue a= (Articlelangue) e.getDragValue();

      Any suggestion will be welcome