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    Lookup component

    Radu Banica Newbie

      Hi All,

      simple question: What solution are you usually using when you need a lookup field?

      A usual scenario is:

      A Company table, which has a default Contact assigned. On the Company edit form, I need a component which will let me to search and select for the Contact (a foreign key @ManyToOne JPA relation) entity. I need to popup a search form for Contact entities, with custom filters.

      On the Contact search form I might have another lookup field: let's say I want to filter by Customer Location.

      So I need to allow cascade lookup filters (from popup form to popup form).

      An auto-completion or combo box is not working, because of the possible cascade search fields on the Contact search form and because of the large number of records for the combo box.

      For those familiars with Oracle ADF, I'm looking for something close to List of Values (LoV) fields.

      I can not imagine a medium project without this functionality.

      Any hints or examples will be appreciated.

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          Ilya Shaikovsky Master

          Agree that combobox is not a solution for large number of suggestions bu not sure that udnerstand the problem with suggestion component, Could you please clarify a bit more?

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            Radu Banica Newbie

            The suggestion component behavior is required, but additional will not allow the end user to filter by many criteria.

            To follow the earlier example, in the Company edit form I want to see and select from all Contacts that are from a specific Location, registered in the last Month (data range filters), name start with, income is > x (numbers filters), etc. All these need to be on a search popup div form.

            I can make my baking bean to search in fields like first name, last name, location.name and auto-complete like suggestion component, but you might want to filter more.

            When you have 10000 Contact records in a CRM sollution let's say and an impressive number of columns in the table to search and filter from, you definitely need a lookup component.

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              Ilya Shaikovsky Master

              so still can't fully get the problem. if the suggestion is not ajax single, it will process all the filds on search form and you could return autocompletion list by all the criterias you have.

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                Radu Banica Newbie

                How do you see the search fields and the search form if you don't have a popup or toggle panel? The search fields are for the Foreign Related entity, not for the current Object Entity which is in edit mode.


                Form 1 (Company)
                ---Field 1 Name
                ---Field 2 Code
                ---Field 3 Customer --> Select Customer Button (will trigger the popup lookup)
                ---Field 4 Location --> Another lookup button, which will open a new select window

                Field 3 and Field 4 are lookup fields, no search criteria exist for them on the main Form 1.

                PLUS: I need to paginate the results of the suggestion. One filter can still give me 1000 records...

                You can see a good example here: http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E12839_01/web.1111/b31973/af_lov.htm

                The utility of the component is beyond question, all decent desktop components are using this for years (Delphi was having a component like this).

                MyFaces has a component like this: http://myfaces.apache.org/trinidad/trinidad-api/tagdoc/tr_inputListOfValues.html, but I don't really want to mix RichFaces with MyFaces in the same project and I don't want to reinvent the will by creating a component which I'm sure many are using and need it (in a form or another).

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                  Ilya Shaikovsky Master

                  Thanks for your efforts and patience. I think you could fill jira request on such component for future.

                  But I still believe that you could construct the component using richfaces using creation custom facelet. Modal panel could be used to popup additional search panels, fields inside will be criteria fields, and there is no problem to update main page from the MP after the selection/search requests. At least the second myFaces sample you shown(I checked their demo on the component) - could be easilyy implemented using such approach.

                  One additional difficulty when thinking of such components implementations is reusability point. Business applications design and some functional requirements could differs in many points between applications and such complex composite component is very difficult to create in such way that it will be really reusable between different designs and business requirements. So that's why sometimes we reject component creation approach and prefer to suggest composition facelets creation in such cases.

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                    Radu Banica Newbie

                    Actually, I found a jira issue with the resolution rejected: https://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/RF-3565

                    This is why I was sure that there are alternatives used by other forum users.

                    I'm agree that is difficult to make analysis for such a component, but having features like this will sure count in the decision of choosing a JSF framework.

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                      Ilya Shaikovsky Master

                      B.t.w. we will use the jira instead of wiki for such request so I will reopen it. Add your vote there.

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                        Radu Banica Newbie

                        Thanks! It has my vote