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    JBossAS Server Group & default operation values

    Sara Stewart Newbie


         I am trying to perform a shtudown operation on a RHQ group that contains a bunch of JBossAS Servers.  When I go to the group's operations tab and select Shutdown, there are a couple of options I can choose before clicking the "SCHEDULE" button:  Execute this operation:  "At the same time for all resources" or "In order", Start:  "Immediately" or at a specific time/date, Timeout:, Halt On Failure:, Notes:, etc.  My question is:  Do I have to change/enter these values each time I want to Shutdown the group members, or is there a way that when I click on the operations tab and choose Shutdown that the values I want will already be selected.  For example, when I select Shutdown, I would like the "In order," rather than the "At the same time for all resources" to be selected, and I would like to automatically have a timeout value of, for example, 360000000.

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