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    get sorted data out of datatable

    steve reinders Newbie

      I have a rich:datatable with multiple columns and some are sortable. I'm using the sort ability in data table itself not sort routines in the backing bean.

      It works fine.


      User wants to print out the table data with the sort applied.


      Using a debugger, I can see the sorted data (currentModel and rowKeys[]) but I can't get at it; no obvious method.  I've looked through UIComponent and UIDataTable.


      For UIDataTable I tried using getDataModel but compiler returns "Error(208,22):  getDataModel() has protected access in org.ajax4jsf.component.SequenceDataAdaptor "


      Any ideas how to do get the sorted data ?  If I can get at currentModel then use rowKeys[] to write the output I s/b OK.


      Thanks ...

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          steve reinders Newbie

          Essentially gave up.  Was able to see the sorted rowKeys in _modelMaps on the server side but could not access .

          Got the source distribution and tried altering the source but maven had build errors and I didn't bother with trying to track that down.  Couldn't find a dependacy list.


          Ended up having javascript go after the sorted table in the DOM ( form1:DataTableId:tb ) and passing that through h:inputHidden to the server side for processing.

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            jbosscommunity13 Newbie

            Is there not another way of getting the sorted keys in your hands?

            Don't want to build JS to solve something that is already there on server side.


            Anybody out there got an solution?

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              Sascha Janz Master

              take a look at




              it helped me getting sorted data from extendeddatatable

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                jbosscommunity13 Newbie

                Hi Sascha,


                I have found the same Link in the internet, but it explains ho to get FILTERED data, I need access to the SORTED data.


                I did it by reflexion:

                          UIExtendedDataTable edt = (UIExtendedDataTable)FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getViewRoot().findComponent(componentId);
                          if(edt != null) {
                               int index0Based = edt.getFirst();
                               Field privateExtendedDataModelField;
                               try {
                                    privateExtendedDataModelField = UIDataAdaptor.class.getDeclaredField("extendedDataModel");
                                    if(privateExtendedDataModelField != null) {
                                         Object o = privateExtendedDataModelField.get(edt);
                                         /** SORTING */     
                                         if(o instanceof org.richfaces.model.ArrangeableModel){
                                              org.richfaces.model.ArrangeableModel model = (org.richfaces.model.ArrangeableModel)o;
                                              if(model != null){
                                                   Field rowKeysField = org.richfaces.model.ArrangeableModel.class.getDeclaredField("rowKeys");
                                                   List rowKeys = (List)rowKeysField.get(model);
                                                   // SORTED LIST EXIST
                                                   if(rowKeys != null && rowKeys.size() > 0){


                its pretttttyyyyy ugly, but it works for now, for more elegant solutions, bring them up!

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                  Sascha Janz Master

                  i changed to the ModifiableModel


                  wrote this simple function










                  publicList<Data> getSortedData(final ModifiableModel model) throws IOException {


                  finalList<Data> filteredData = new ArrayList<Data>();





                  DataVisitor() {


                  public void

                  process(FacesContext context, Object rowKey, Object argument) {



                  if ( model.getRowData()!= null

                  ) {

                  filteredData.add((Data) model.getRowData());




                  new SequenceRange(0, -1), null




                  return filteredData;



                  In the bean where i needed  the sorted data




                  List<Data> hitlist = getSortedData( myBean.getDataModel());


                  sure, not that simple. i never would have found this out without the tips from link above