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    Can you change the context root of the AS7 management console?

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      This is my first post, but I have spent a couple of days searching for this info, but to no avail. First, as I am new here, some background about me.


      I work in a middleware team and mostly look after Weblogic & Websphere instances, but I am the main resource on a project that uses AS 4.0.5GA. As such, I have mugged my way around this for a few years and am comfortable to a degree. I don't actually write any code so my involvement is pretty thin.


      Now I want to get more accustomed to newer JBoss versions so I have installed AS7 at home. All works fine and I access it through an apache reverse proxy using mod_rewrite & mod_proxy. As my web server is public facing, I have it nestled in a few subdirectories deep.


      Now, I created a reverse proxy for the management console as well, but it seems there is a conflict between the directory I have it mapped to on Apache (Like http://mysite.com/mystuff/test/jboss-console/ or http://mysite.com/mystuff/test/jboss/console/) and the context root that is is deployed to in JBoss (http://localhost/console/). The result of this is that when I try to access the console, I assume it has references to the context root '/console/' in the code, resulting in nothign working when I access it through my reverse proxy.


      So is it possible to change the context root of the management console to, say, '/mystuff/test/jboss-console/' so that it will work through my reverse proxy?

      If not, then I guess I will need to map it directly to http://mysite/console/. I'd probabaly end up using a separate virtual host for this to keep things tidy but it's not my ideal solution.