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    unexpected shutdown

    punit kumar Newbie

      hi all


      i installed jboss 5.1 at my server via ssh from my pc. and started the server using ./run.sh -b from shell..and works well when i access through web browser as <server_ip>:8080. But when i closed shell at my pc..the server automatically shut down itself. and i also can;t access it from other computer also.


      help me find out the solution...

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          Wolf-Dieter Fink Master

          I suppose you start your JBoss with something like 'run.sh ..... &' this move the process to background.

          It works until you left the shell open, but when you leave the shell the process will be terminated.


          You might avoid that with 'nohup run.sh .... &' or you use the scripts for /etc/init.d and install the server during startup.


          If this is not the issue please provide a bit more information how you start the server and what you do.

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            punit kumar Newbie

            thank u very much sir....its working now....


            bt its not working in internet explorer....in firefox its ok....


            i have jboss installed at two servers...one is working fine at live server...nd now i installed it on other server for another applctn....but in IE its not accessible.

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              Wolf-Dieter Fink Master

              What IE and firefox version do you use.

              Maybe it depends on your application (or do you use only the jboss console?).

              Try different versions of IE maybe there are changes here