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      Hi all,


      I have recentely developed a application in Richfaces 4, I am currently reading a bokk on RF4 but my knowledge is not up to speed yet, although I have had a about 5 years experiance using JSF 1.2 but with some likely bad haibbts as I learnt what I needed to get by.


      I'm using a collapsiblePanel and what I wish to happen is when I perform a search, if results are returned and the panel is not already collapased then I wish to collapse it.


      I have been reading the component documentation and looking at the JS code and thought I had figured out how to do it....


      <rich:collapsiblePanel id="criteriaCollapsePanel" header="Search Criteria" switchType="client">



      <!-- Some seaerch fields here -->



      <a4j:commandButton id="searchSubmit" value="${caseBean.searchFieldConfig.button.label}" action="${caseBean.search}"


      onbegin="this.disabled=true" oncomplete="#{rich:element('searchSubmit')}.disabled=false; hideIfResultsReturned();" render="errorMessages caseResults"/>



      <script type="text/javascript">


                function hideIfResultsReturned() {

                          var box = #{rich:component('criteriaCollapsePanel')};

                          var rowCount = parseInt(#{rich:element('casesReturned')}.value, 10);



                          if (box.activeItem && rowCount > 0) { // If the box is expanded, and some results have been returned, collapse it


                                    alert("Before it puts it back")






      <a4j:status id="status">

                <f:facet name="start">

                          <h:graphicImage value="images/loading.gif" alt="Search for cases..." style="margin-left: 10px;" />








      <!-- table here, and hidden input with ID "casesReturned" containing total rows returned -->


      The issue I have is that the panel collapses and that alert displays, all good, I feel pretty pleased with myself, then I remove the alert and it does not work, I was celebrating to soon. What is happening it seems is that the panel is expanding again after the function finishes.


      I have no idea why it is doing this, the form is not set to be re rendered as far as I can make out (I stress I'm new to Richfaces) so I don't think its been re rendered which would have explained it.


      Can anybody help me, why is it expanding again? What do I need to do to make it work as I had hoped.


      Also on a side issue, not particularly important but a nice to have, would be nice to animate the hide/show with a wipe/slide, is there anyway to easily override the hiding and showing functionality so that I could use the JQuery API's slide(Up/Down) to do this?


      Thanks in advance,