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    Changing the default datasource for cluster members.

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      I understand that the default datasource should not be HSQLDB and this must be changed to something like MySQL or postgres.  When setting up a cluster, should each node have its own local default datasource, or can/should all nodes share a common database on an external server?


      In the case of JMS, I have already created a new datasource called JMSDS that is shared between all cluster nodes.  I'm just confused as to what should happen with all the other built-in services that still reference the defaultDS.


      I've currently got 4 nodes setup, and if it makes any difference, these are actually configured as 2 clusters of 2 nodes - a recommendation I picked up whilst watching a mod_cluster webinar.  These all share the same JMS persistence database and nothing bad has happened during testing (ie nodes from cluster B don't pick up messages persisted by cluster A).


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