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    Behavior of inplaceSelect click in extendedDataTable 4.0.0.Final

    Brendan Healey Master

      Hi, I've got a rich:inplaceSelect in an extendedDataTable selectionMode="single". If I have

      row A selected, and I click on the inplaceSelect of row B, the select list is rendered (the

      popup list) but then disappears when row B is highlighted, because the click bubbles up

      to the surrounding datatable which treats it as a row selection.


      I suppose the click event is bubbling up and I want to re-order to select the row first

      then process the click on the input component, or just forget the row selection. I'm sure I've

      seen something on this topic but after a lengthy search can't find anything.


      I've tried stopping event bubbling with this function:


      function stopEventBubble(event) {

        event = event || window.event

        if (event.stopPropagation) {


        } else {

          event.cancelBubble = true




      then it works ok except that if I click back into the browser window having had focus elsewhere,

      it's as if I've clicked on the inplaceSelect and the select menu pops up!