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    Port 80 appearing in the address bar for some browser versions

    wenin Newbie

      I have a client that is running their site on JBoss 4.0.5.


      They are experiencing a problem where when users navigate their site, port 80 will appear within their URLs.  This is not happening with all browsers, or versions.  It is happening on enough platforms that I would have thought that if it was a browser issue that it would be more reported.  I have found nothing on the net to lead me to believe that this is a common issue.  Through some testing, we have been able to identify that this is only happening with certain versions of a browser.



      Safari 5.03 - Has the problem

      Safari 5.1 - Upgrade to this version, problem goes away.



      I'm wondering if there is any JBoss configuration setting that could be inducing this issue.  Thoughts?