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    jboss start up with clustering works in one order not the other

    Jim Lebonitte Newbie

      I have two clustered jboss nodes for this example I will call them A and B.

      If i start node B first and then node A everything works fine and the servers start up in <45 seconds. If I switch the order I have problems. First problem is that it takes Node B FOREVER (like 5 minutes) to get past the [service] Removing bootstrap log handlers. When it finally continues on it gets to the setting the clustered beans to the HA JNDI and it takes 1-2 minutes ber bean. Meanwhile on node A I continously get ERROR [org.jboss.system.server.profileservice.repository.clustered.ClusteredDeploymentRepository] getModifiedDeployments() Cannot acquire local lock and then line above says Unable to acquire lock as it is held by Node B]  Even with those error messages everything seems to be functioning just a lot slower


      e.g. typical tran for us take 300 milliseconds when this happens they take around 2000 milliseconds

      Any help is greatly appreciated.