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    Bindings and durable subscriptions (v2.2.5)

    John Muhlestein Newbie

      I've noticed some strange behavior that has happened a few times now with 2.2.5


      I create a durable subscription on a topic, and then after some period of time, I disconnect from the topic. I then wait an appropriate amount of time (at least 5 minutes) and attempt to connect to the topic with a durable subscription, but get an error that a durable subscription already exists, but the connection is long since gone away.


      I have disconnected all clients from the server (through JMX, at the server control, when I list addresses, none show up, there are also no connectionIds) but when I check the queue through JMX and call listConsumersAsJSON, a record returns with both a session ID and a connection ID


      When I try and listSessions again through JMX on the server for the connectionID returned by listConsumersAsJSON, there are no sessions listed either.


      It seems there is a phantom/corrupt session connected to the queue which prevents me from creating new durable subscriptions.


      I don't have a way to consistently reproduce yet, but this scenario has happened about 1/2 dozen times since moving to 2.2.5 (from 2.1.2) about 4 weeks ago.


      1) Is there a way to clean this up without stopping HornetQ and deleting the data directory (this is the only way I've found to solve the problem)?

      2) Is there a JMX call that will close connections by connection ID (this would help with some other messaging maintenance that we do programatically). I haven't noticed one, but I'm hoping I've just missed it.