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    Problem with Cache Replication.

    Sudha Balu Newbie

      Dear All,


               We are using jboss cache version 1.4.1.SP9 in our application. We are having 3 production server's say node1,node2 and node3.  We want to replicate all nodes added in node1 to node2,node3 and vice versa. For the past 3 months we havent faced any cache replication between these servers, it was very consistent. All of the sudden last one week we have issue with cache replication and buddy backup listing.

      Follwing are the issues creeped recently.

      1. Replication between identified servers stopped suddenly.
      2. Buddy_BACKUP listing getting removed automatically.

      We are running with JBoss Cache
      version 1.4.1.SP9 and JGroups (Version : 2.6.13.GA ) in UDP mode. We couldnt trace any logs related to this events, please advise what could be the cause.

      Since this issue is not resolved, we are planning to migrate this to TCP mode will that solve such discrepancy. Please advise.




      Sudha B.