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    Propagate security context from ejb to MDB

    Zufar Muhamadeev Newbie


      My environment is JBoss AS6 with hornetq 2.1.

      I have two slsb, and one mdb. There are all in one security domain. First slsb send message to mdb, then mdb calls second slsb. But slsb call from mdb falls with "Invalid user".

      I configured Client Login according to User Manual. Here is hornetq-jboss-beans.xml security configuration:


      {code:xml}<bean name="HornetQSecurityManager" class="org.hornetq.integration.jboss.security.JBossASSecurityManager">

            <start ignored="true"/>

            <stop ignored="true"/>


            <property name="allowClientLogin">true</property>

            <property name="authoriseOnClientLogin">true</property>



      What should i do to propagate security domain from slsb to mdb?