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    How/Where to define a String jndi resource value in Jboss AS6?



      I'm new to JBoss and am trying to migrate over a Spring 3.0 web application (war) to JBoss AS6 from Tomcat 6 and it is taking more efforts than I would have expected.  My current hurdle is that my app is current retrieving a configuration parameter from Tomcat's JNDI service.  It is curently defined in the Tomcat <context> element as an <environment> resource.





        <Environment name="ssh/tx3" type="java.lang.String" value="../../../../webapp/etc/tomcat7/conf/ssh_key_tx3.private"/>





      My application can then access this configuration value via a JNDI lookup.



      How do I configure this in JBoss AS6?  Is there an equivalent file I can include somewhere in my server configuration?