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    FileUpload browser differences with file paths

    Paul Parisi Newbie

      I've been investigation a problem with the fileUpload component, where we are seeing very different visual behaviour between browsers, particularly between IE 7 and Firefox 3, and I'm trying to work out what the best way to solve this is.

      What we see is that in IE 7 (or Safari), the full file path to the file being uploaded is displayed to the user (which is what we want), however in Firefox 3 it only shows the filename. This also then leads to the issue that filename and path are truncated in Richfaces 3.3.1 so the user cannot see the actual file name if the path is very long.

      This issue in JIRA actually has two screenshots showing the problem clearly, because it can be easily seen using the richfaces demo.
      i.e. just go to the richfaces demo of the fileUpload and try uploading with different browsers.


      The only way I can seem to make the fileUpload component work consistently across browsers is to active the "flash" option, however that then drags in flash as a dependancy, which we cannot do.

      Any ideas on how to solve this to make things visually consistent on all browsers?