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    Configurable MDB destinations at runtime

    Kevin Halk Newbie

      Hi there,

      I've created code for an MDB to listen to a particular JMS destination.


      The tricky part is that the same MDB is required to listen to multiple JMS destinations, which may not be known at the time the application is deployed.  This means that we require the ability to add MDB instances to listen to new destinations (without rebuilding the jar/ear file)


      I am able to accomlish this by deploying one MDB per JMS destination using an ejb-jar.xml file inside the MDB jar.  As they are packaged in a jar/ear, these files won't be accessible to the end user for configuration.


      As such, I require some way to deploy or configure the MDBs outside of the jar package.


      I've tried to accomplish this using the following methods


      - XML deployment descriptors outside the ear/jar (can't find how to reference the EJB which is already deployed inside the jar file)

      - programmatically creating and deploying the MDBs (can't find how to configure or deploy an MDB - this could potentially occur within the ear/jar)



      Has anybody done this or do you have knowledge of the potential solutions?