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    reRender a component

    Roy Abu Bakar Newbie


      I want to play a randomize quote using rich:effect appear and fade
      but i am get trouble when i tried to display a random quote.

      My question is, How to "reRender" outputText component when the fade effect is completed (fade)

      This is my code:

      <div class="billboard-home">
       <blockquote id="blockquote" style="display:none" cite="#">
       <span id="quote">“ <h:outputText id="quoteText" value="#{wiseWordList.quotes}" />.�</span><br /><br /><span id="author">—<h:outputText value="#{wiseWordHome.instance.author}" /></span>
       <rich:effect name="showDiv" for="blockquote" type="Appear" params="delay:1.8, duration:0.5"></rich:effect>
       <rich:effect name="hideDiv" for="blockquote" type="Fade" params="delay:8.0, duration:2.0"></rich:effect>
       <rich:effect for="window" event="onload" type="Appear" params="targetId:'blockquote',delay:1.8, duration:0.5" />
       <rich:effect for="window" event="onload" type="Fade" params="targetId:'blockquote',delay:7.0, duration:1.0" />
       <a4j:poll id="quotesPoll" interval="10000" enabled="true" oncomplete="hideDiv();showDiv();" ignoreDupResponses="true" eventsQueue="quotesQueue"></a4j:poll>

      Many thanks.