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    Adding a Method Annotation not working as expected...


      Hi All,


      I have a few classes ( in a supplied jar) in which I am trying to mark certain specifc methods as "Deprecated" .

      I am able to use javassist and add the annotation to the method (code attached to the end of this mail) but Eclipse refuses to identify that as a "Deprecated" method at compile time.

      I decompiled and verified that there is a "@Deprecated" annotation on the method. I also used ASM compare between a class in which I added a @Deprecated and this class in which javassist  added the annotation and notice one strange thing : the access flags are different


      "normal" method :


        // access flags 0x20001

        public getName()Ljava/lang/String;



          LINENUMBER 7 L0



      javassist annotated method :

         // access flags 0x1

        public getName()Ljava/lang/String;



          LINENUMBER 7 L0



      Questions :

      1) is there a problem in the way the Annotation is being added ?

      2) Cant I add a java.lang.Deprecated annotation to a method ? is there some special modifier or instruction to be used to add the inbuilt java Annotations ?


      Any help or pointer is appreciated !!

      I tried to make it a "invisibleTag" ,  specify it as "Deprecated" , "@Deprecated" but the IDE refuses to treat that as a Deprecated API.





      code snippet :


      CtMethod[] methods = cc.getMethods();
        for (int k = 0; k < methods.length; k++) {
         CtMethod met = methods[k];
          System.out.println("Found Method --> " + met.getName());
           ClassFile ccFile = cc.getClassFile();
           ConstPool constpool = ccFile.getConstPool();
           AnnotationsAttribute attr = new AnnotationsAttribute(constpool, AnnotationsAttribute.visibleTag);
           Annotation annot = new Annotation("java.lang.Deprecated", constpool);
          }catch(Exception e){
           System.out.println("Skipping method:-->" + met.getName() +"Reason:" + e.getMessage() );