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    jboss 7 jndi error

    vamshi appala Newbie

      Below is the packaging which works in jboss6 but fails in JBOSS7


      1)mymoduleapi.jar  this module contains interface which is implemented in ejbs

      2)mymoduleejb.jar this module implements session bean with interface defined in mymoduleapi.jar

      3)mymoduleear.ear this module contains the mymoduleapi.jar and mymoduleejb.jar as shown below








      4)mymoduleweb.war this module contains servlet which calls the business logic. The packaging for this module is shown below






      5)I have adjusted my servlet to use the jboss7 JNDI convention


      6)When I deploy the ear ,war and try to invoke servlet which intern invokes the business logic I get the following error



      java.lang.ClassCastException: com.abc.api.service.DepFinderService$$$view1 cannot cast to com.abc.api.service.DepFinderService


      Any suggestion on how to solve this problem.