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    rich:editor, adding spaces in the lists

    Marcin DÄ…browa Newbie

      I created a nested list such as this:
      Generated html code:


      On every submit a space character is added after item "a". This can be seen in a HTML preview.

      This is very important for me because I need to know if there was any change in the edited text.

      This problem also occurs in the RichFaces LiveDemo example. The steps required to repeat the problem:
      1. Select advanced editor.
      2. Prepare a list such as the above.
      3. Check HTML preview.
      4. Switch to the simple editor.
      5. Switch back to the advanced editor.
      6. Check HTML preview.

      After element "a" will be two spaces because there were two submits of a value. If you repeat the procedure there will be two new spaces.

      Does anyone know a way to solve this problem?