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    BusinessRulesProcessor to start a RuleFlow

    Karoly Torok Newbie

      Greetings JBoss community.


      I have an ESB service which has to make decisons based on Drools language. Im aware of that BusinessRulesProcessor can run such things.

      What i truly need is to start RuleFlows within an ESB service or to use MORE THEN ONE rule files.


      While i was reading the 4.10 ESB reference i saw that at the moment BusinessRulesProcessor does not support RuleFlows however there is a solutions:


      rule "Start a ruleflow"

          salience 100





      (start a flow inside a rule file)


      Can any of you show me a working example or experience about this usage? At the moment im struggling with this. The problem is that the supported DRL file cant find the flow and throws the message back to the fault address.


      Can any of you help me, please?