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    What can I use to quickly find policies?

    Josh Cain Newbie

      So I know this documentation has to be out there somewhere, but after a morning of Googling I have not been able to come across it.  I'm currently doing some work with XACML policies that are specified in an XML file as follows:



      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><ns:jbosspdp xmlns:ns="urn:jboss:xacml:2.0">






            <ns:Locator Name="org.jboss.security.xacml.locators.JBossPolicySetLocator"/>




      I'm doing some work outside of the PDP with the policies and I was looking for a way to quickly load the policies from this file.  So far the only solution I've found is to use a parser to read the file locations, then use SUNXACML's PolicyFinderModule class to load the files one by one.  I took a look at the JBossPolicySetLocator, but it seems to be nothing more than a data structure to hold a set of XACMLPolicy objects and options.



      Does anyone know of existing code out there that will quickly grab all the policies specified by this configuration file and return a representative object?  It won't take me too long to write my own, but it seems as if there should already be something out there...