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    RF 4.1.0 M2 - PickList

    Ali Aafaq Newbie

      What are the different events that are associated with rich:picklist. Actually I have picklist A and whenever some item is selected (not moved to right list) I want to to be notified in the bean so that I can chage the contents of another element based on the selection. I am trying to do the following but no event is fired. Any help is highly appreciated.



      <rich:pickList showButtonsLabel="false" value="#{groupBean.pickListResult}"
                                              listHeight="100"  converter="#{groupBean.converter}" 
                                    <!--<f:ajax event="change" render="userlist" listener="#{groupBean.groupListClickListener}"/>--> 
                                    <f:selectItems value="#{groupBean.leftPickList}" />