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      I'm having problems created during replication between the servers that are clustered. The error presented is the following:

      09/30/2011 18:16:50,142 ERROR [org.jboss.cache.marshall.CacheMarshaller300] (ajp- Error while marshalling object: dataVersion = null, data = 28 = {0, 1 = 1317417410088, org.ajax4jsf.application.AjaxStateHolder = @ org.ajax4jsf.application.AjaxStateHolder de51e30, usuarioSessao = @ br.gov.saude.plataformabrasil.visao.UsuarioSessaoVisao 60d2cd99, SPRING_SECURITY_CONTEXT org.springframework.security.core.context.SecurityContextImpl = @ e8652658: Authentication:  org.springframework.security.authentication.UsernamePasswordAuthenticationToken @ e8652658: Home: @ br.gov.saude.plataformabrasil.model.UsuarioSessao 4b890fdd; Password: [PROTECTED]; Authenticated: true; Details: null; Not any Authorities Granted, controlePaginasPesquisador br.gov.saude.plataformabrasil.visao.ControlePaginasPesquisador 18d85e19 = @, = 5 org.ajax4jsf.application.AjaxStateManager.view_sequence serialized = false}}} globalTransaction = null, erase = false}}


      According to the log, this error is caused by the following class: org.springframework.security.web.servletapi.SecurityContextHolderAwareRequestWrapper, which is not serialized, but I can't figure out for what reason there is an object in the session which have an instance of that class. We are using JSF, with security implemented by springSecurity. The class in the error report is the control class of the component which extends the control class of the servlet and we do not access it directly.


      Can anyone help me? thanks.