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    RF 4 a4j:ajax not firing on CDI bean?

    Karsten Wutzke Expert



      I have a CDI filter bean:




      public class ProjectListFilter


          private String shorthandSearchInput = "";   


          public void setShorthandSearchInput(String shorthandSearchInput)


              this.shorthandSearchInput = shorthandSearchInput;



          public String getShorthandSearchInput()


              return shorthandSearchInput;




      The I have a rich:dataTable with a column in which I'd like to filter shorthands (name abbreviations):



      <rich:column filterExpression="#{fn:containsIgnoreCase(pkurz.prjLeiterKurz, projectListFilter.shorthandSearchInput)}" filterEvent="onkeyup">

        <f:facet name="header">


            <h:outputText value="Projektleiter" />

            <br />

            <h:inputText value="#{projectListFilter.shorthandSearchInput}" id="shorthand-input">

              <f:ajax event="keyup" render="project-list project-list-ds" oncomplete="setCaretToEnd(event);" />




        <h:outputText value="#{pkurz.prjLeiterKurz}" />




      The interesting part is the line f:ajax. I currently use that as a4j:ajax doesn't seem to be doing anything at all. Is this a known issue? I can't see anything that could be wrong.


      Note, f:ajax doesn't have the oncomplete attribute, so the JS is never called by f:ajax, which would only be called by a4j:ajax if it would fire.


      Are there any known issues for why f:ajax basically works and why a4j:ajax doesn't fire? I'm using RF 4.0.0 Final...