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    jquery not firing a4j:support onblur

    scphantm Newbie

      on my page, im using the jquery.fields plugin to use the movenext and moveprevious functions. i have a zip code field with a valuechangelistener attached. it also has an a4j:support method attached to the onblur event. that support rerenders the city and state outputText fields with the values generated by the valuechangelistener event.

      my problem is when you run the movenext jquery method, it fires the valuechangelistener but not the a4j:support. whats weird is when its your on the next field and you click on previous, to go back to the zip code field, the onblur event of the zip field fires and the fields are rerendered correctly.

      i tried adding the `jQuery("zip").blur();` function to my javascript just before the movenext but it still doesn't work.

      any ideas?