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    PanelMenu stops responding after few click.

    Ali Aafaq Newbie

      I am using panel menu and after few click on it, it stops responding. It seems weired. Following is the code for the panelmenu.




      <rich:panelMenu style="width:205px" itemMode="ajax" groupMode="ajax"
        <rich:panelMenuGroup label="Message Options">
        <rich:panelMenuItem label="Group" name="Group"/>
        <rich:panelMenuItem label="Member" name="Member"/>
        <rich:panelMenuItem label="Status" name="Status"/>


      Anyone has the same isue.

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          Ali Aafaq Newbie

          The problem seems to go away when I chage groupMode="client"

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            jlpktnst Newbie

            Seems ajax update mode is quite broken? I get the same problem with ajax menu update. Also similar trouble on tabpanel:


            This thread: http://community.jboss.org/thread/172031?tstart=0


            Also in some cases tab panel will refuse to switch at all.


            Set all to client mode for now, but in the long run this is bad, I would really like to delay 95% of the loading since it will probably never be initiated anyway. I also don't want to load any backing objects untill necessary.


            edit: Well, I think it acutually silently errors out in panelMenu when set on ajax. It also errors out when set to server. This is the error when I set panelMenu on server: http://community.jboss.org/thread/167707


            On ajax the behaviour is similar (crashes out after the same ammount of clicks), but you get no error message. Some way to print ajax error? Strangely enough there is no error in console either. This applies to my other issue too. I see an error in server mode as for ajax mode nothing happens.

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              Ali Aafaq Newbie

              You are right Neikius. It seems the ajax functionality is somewhat broken in richfaes 4. I have not used previous versions so can't say much about that. It is really weired that the system breaks without any warning or error. This problem comes back when I have some other ajax action on the same page. The worst part is that whole application stalls. If you do not restart the server and try to rerun your app, you will notice the browser stalling. Don't know how to solve the issue. I started to fear the I have wasted a week when I decided to go with Richfaces.

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                jlpktnst Newbie

                Got it working somehow. Don't ask. It is very slow. ~3 seconds to load a tab. Every time. It seems (a4j:log) that it indeed transfers a lot of state data every ajax update. Also I can see my db getting queried all the time, so I guess somehow I'd have to specify which regions update on which request.


                Anyway, one reason for tabs not switching could be empty value="" attributes on input fields. I guess everything gets submitted synchronously every time I switch tabs hence the slowness of the alleged "ajax" switching. Or it might have something to do with forms. Well atm I am not so sure why and what. I will report if I ever find out.