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    [HELP]: Statfull WebApp Within Cluster

    Sheeraz Junejo Newbie



      I have a web application which is NOT statless, I have deployed it within my jBoss cluster with Hardware Loadbalancer, The problem is that my loadbalancer is forwarding the request in round robin fashion (which is expected) but as you know my application is Statfull it gives an error as soon as the request goes to the other jBoss member where my session was not started from.


      The solution for this is configure loadbalancer to use stick session i.e. to forward request from session to single jBoss application server untill jBoss member server dies and then use session replication to switch the session to other member and carry on. The problem is that I do not have control over LoadBalancer as its running on Windows Cloud (Azure) which expects application to be stateless.


      Anyway, is there a way to configure my application or jBoss cluster to keep these sessions in centralise location and accessable by both or all the members of the cluster.