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    Problem propagating WS-Security to EJB3 security

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      I am in the process of moving a AS6 compatible project over to AS7.  Part of this project involves as EJB3 based web service with WS-Security, SecurityDomain and RolesAllowed for method security.


      I have a custom CXF interceptor that handles the authentication using Picketbox via SecurityFactory.establishSecurityContext.  From this I then get a SecurityContext to finally getting an AuthenticationManager.


      Authenticating with the AuthenticationManager works via the configured SecurityDomain within standalone.xml via the DatabaseServerLoginModule but I am having problems propagating the subject down to EJB3 security.  On AS6 I used SecurityAdaptor.pushSubjectContext method, but the method doesn't exist on AS7.


      How should one propagate a subject authenticated via AuthenticationManager down to EJB3 as currently I still get an EJBAccessException.



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          I figured it out in the end just in case others would like to know the answer.  Intially I was using




          to retreive a SecurityContext to make a call to


          getUtil().createSubjectInfo(principal, password, subject);


          But this didn't seem to propagate down to EJB and the prinicpal still ended up being the anonymous principal name.  By using




          to retrieve the SecurityContext instead of using the SecurityFactory's establishSecurityContext method, and then calling the createSubjectInfo as before, the principal propagate correctly as expected.