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    Problems around use of java.lang.Boolean

    Rags Racha Newbie

      I have a method that returns an object of complex type which has a property of type java.lang.Boolean. We need tristate booleans and hence I cannot use native boolean. What I'm noticing is the c# client always gets a null value for this property.


      We are using axis 1.4 and I verified that our WSDL file (generated using java2wsdl) does have the Boolean property listed as expected.


      <element name="isFoo" nillable="true" type="soapenc:boolean" />


      When I captured network traces on the client, I don't see the element corresponding to Boolean property in the soap response at all. I see every other property of the complex type except for this one. Is this a known issue?


      I know the backend is fine because we have non-SOAP ways to get to it and they are able to get teh value fine. Given this, I suspect if this may be due to some issue with serialization or something that happens after [server] app code returns objects and before soap response is constructed to be sent to the client.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.


      Thanks Rags