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    Stopping JBoss 7 through CLI

    semubiz Newbie



      I would like to shutdown JBoss 7 through the command line interface (CLI).


      In the User Guide i found this snippet:


      ./jboss-admin.sh --connect command=:shutdown


      In my installation, only authenticated users can connect to the management interface (it's configured in the standalone.xml with security-realm="PropertiesMgmtSecurityRealm" in management-interface). This means, if I execute the above command it fails, because of missing authentication. I can only connect in interactive mode (execute ./jboss-admin.sh and then input to the prompt).


      I would like to write a batch script which can connect to the management interface and authenticate itself. In JBoss 6 that was possible with the arguments -u (user) and -p (password) for ./shutdown.sh.


      Does anyone have a clue?


      Thank you