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    Endpoint Configuration?

    Steve Cohen Newbie

      [Please forgive the newbie question but I am one of those persnickety people who likes to understand what the heck I am doing, so I tend to ask a bunch of questions.]


      This page:


      purports to tell me what I need to know to use Endpoint Configuration but it doesn't tell me what I need to know.


      Using @EndpointConfig

      On the server side you proabably use the @EndpointConfig annotation to specify one of the available (might be custom as well) configurations:


      What does "available" mean here?  Available where?  How do I specify this?  Is there a default? 


      According to javadocs


      there is such a default and it is




      Grepping my server installation I do see two instances of this file  but only in the "all" and the "standard" servers, not in default.  Why is it not in default and what does its absence mean there?  What I can't I do because this file is absent?


      Finally, the JBoss docs mention the possibility of custom endpoint configuration.  Again, they don't specify where such a configuration needs to end up in order to be seen by JBossws.  Does this require a modification to the server in order to make it happen or can it be specified in the deployment archive?


      By now I've forgotten why I cared about Endpoint configuration.  It was something to do with enabling schema validation for the web service.


      Some more information on this subject is sorely needed.