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    Inside CacheEntryCreated event i can't see the new data

    Jose Miguel Barone Newbie


      Thanks for the great work with infinispan.

      Well, i have a pretty normal listener on a cache, but inside a method that catch CacheEntryCreatedEvent events i cannot obtain the data associated with the new key.


      The source code of the java class:



      public class CacheListener{


          public void entry(CacheEntryCreatedEvent<Object, Object> event){

              if (event.isPre()) return;


              Object key = event.getKey();

              Object data = cache.get(key);


              log.info("[" + key +  "] = [" + data + "]");




      The CacheListener it's an inner class so i can access the cache variable (cache).

      I always see


      [key] = [null]


      as the result.


      if i query the cache after the put, the value exists, but inside the method i showed ... no. Why?...