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    How to get the principal on a webservice behind JAAS?

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      I assume this is certainly a newbie question but i never worked on this pattern before so i'm quite stuck on the question and need some help.


      Here is the case: i have some JBossWS webservices : they're just some usual classes with annotations like that:



      @WebService(targetNamespace="http://www.ws.com/portal", name="portal", serviceName="portal")

      @SOAPBinding(style = SOAPBinding.Style.DOCUMENT)

      public class WSPortal{


      They're protected resource by JAAS, with a LDAPLoginModule which works fine for authentication, the trouble is that i didn't find a way to simply get the login of the connected user (or the principal or anything).

      I used to work on servlets and this was quite simple to get it with HTTPServletRequest, but here, that doesn't fit


      How am i supposed to get something on the user once i passed through JAAS in a JbossWS webservice class?

      Maybe i'm not supposed to authenticate via JAAS, but i have no clue on the matter and i hope someone could help me about it!


      Thank you very much by advance for your support,



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          Finally figured out, it's quite simple but i got to look for it with good keywords.


          For those who could wonder about the answer, you just declare a variable WebServiceContext in your POJO, with a @Resource annotation.




          public WebServiceContext wsCtx;








          Hoping this could help someone later

          Have a nice day.