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    Guvnor BPMN editor not saving annotations or data objects

    Victor Sarmiento Newbie

      I am using Guvnor installed with the full installation package of jBPM 5.1.0.  Everything seems to be working fine but I am having problems with some of the BPMN elements in the Oryx designer.  The first issue is that, if I add a Text Annotation, it is not saved in the model.  If I make several changes (add tasks or gateways) and I include a text annotation, the editor saves all the changes except for the text annotation.


      Also, if I add a Data Object or Data Store node, the entire model is lost after saving.  Once I click Save and Check In, my canvas returns empty.


      There are several other issues but I would like to know whether these specific ones are because of the current state of the development of the web BPMN editor or because there is something wrong with my particular instance.


      Thanks in advance for all the help.