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    clustering setup

    Chris Kennedy Newbie

      Hi, I am setting up a clustered jboss server for ma dph.  I have installed jboss 5.1.0.ga, upgraded jdk to 1.6, set the messaging password, set a new DefaultPartion, installed the Oracle DataSource, and determined a valid run command as: run.sh -c all -u IP1 -b IP2 -ServerPeerID=X where IP1 is a multicast address (e.g.,, ...) IP2 is a server IP address for the URI (e.g.  My question is simple:


      I am running rhel 5.2

      My question is how to I set up the multicast address starting from a stock rhel 5.2 install.

      Please provide the full command set for example is it something like

      on server 1: route add -net netmask dev eth0


      Also is there an rhel command to start the multicast services (e.g. mcastd) ??


      Bottom line, please provide a quick step by step that I can implement on each of my servers to set up a multinode jboss cluster to use the run.sh command above:

      e.g.: server 1: run.sh -c all -u -b -ServerPeerID=1

      and  server 2: run.sh -c all -u -b -ServerPeerID=2

      where -b is the bind adress.

      Also does it make sense to use the -u or is there a more appropriate run.sh command?

      Thanks in advance for you help..

      Chris Kennedy


      Does ifconfig play in somehow, or netstat -a ?


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      Chris Kennedy Please advise ...

      Still having problems running application on Jboss5.2.0.GA Oracle 10.2. 

      Wolf, per your request, I have included:

      1. Server,

      2. boot,

      3. hibernate and
      4. application logs. 


      Note the hibernate log shows "No JNDI Name configured".  Please tell me how to establish this connection.  I have copied  docs/examples/jca/oracle-ds.xml to jboss-5.1.0.GA/server/ChadsDev/deploy and set my IP/Port/SID/and User info.  ChadsDev is my application partition.

      Where you see maven in the logs this refers to the application, not apache maven. 


      Thank you, Chris Kennedy


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